I was recently inspired by a recent email to write an article based on software tools I recommend. Throughout the day I use a variety of software tools to accomplish a variety of tasks. Probably like most SEO’s and digital marketer’s I find myself using a variety of tools throughout the day. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite tools for keyword research, content strategy, On-Page optimization and Link Building.

Keyword Research Tools

First off, I have a few tools I enjoy using for Keyword Research depending on the types of keywords I am targeting. My go to tool for Keyword Research is Moz’s keyword explorer. Moz’s keyword research tool lets you research a variety of keywords and segment by type. You can easily sort to research informationally based keywords, closely related topics, and include a mix of types. Unfortunately, this is a paid tool but it is well worth it.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer Tool – Paid

However, if you are strapped for cash there are a few FREE keyword research tools I like to use as well. SEOBOOK has a great keyword research tool that lets you do some pretty extensive keyword research for free. This tool rivals Google’s keyword planner tool and also gives search volume within Bing’s search engine. Finally, for more semantic and long tail keywords I like to occasionally use Twinw rd ideas to fill in any keyword gaps.

Backlink Analysis

There are a few ways I like to conduct Backlink Analysis. First, I like to use Moz’s Open Site Explorer to quickly check the spam score of a site. This tool will let you get a high-level overview of any inbound links pointing to your site at a quick glance.


For additional clarity, I like to dig into Google’s Webmaster Tools. To do your own backlink analysis within Webmaster Tools login to your account, click “Search Traffic”, and “Links to Your Site”. From there you will get a complete breakdown of all the backlinks pointing to your website.

On Page SEO Optimizations

I don’t have a specific software I tend to use for on page optimization update. I tend to rely on a custom keyword map that I create for my client to keep up with all keywords I am targeting for each page. For additional granularity, though I sometimes use Moz’s On Page Grader. With this tool, you can associate a keyword with a specific URL and get on page optimization recommendations.


Rank Tracking

For Rank Tracking Tools I tend to use two online tools to track keyword fluctuations. I prefer a platform called SEOClarity. SEOClarity is an enterprise level rank tracking tool. Although the user interface isn’t the greatest the tool is extremely powerful. You have access to mobile and desktop rankings, organic competitor content gaps, and as an added bonus you can do your own keyword ranking forecast.

Bonus Round Free SEO Tools

  • Webmaster Forum has a host of free tools listed to get the job down
  • Saijo George maintains a master list of any SEO/Digital Marketing tool you will ever need. There are also a swarm of Free tools as well. https://saijogeorge.com/best-marketing-tools/
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