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I have been working out for a long time now in some form or another. Whether it was tearing up the streets skateboarding, tossing people around in jiu-jitsu or lifting weights. However, recently when I have been weightlifting I find myself thinking about SEO. Not sure it is healthy but oh well here we go. The common theme I keep coming back to is consistency in your SEO strategy, patience when anticipating results, and integrating a holistic approach with your SEO campaigns. 
In weightlifting much like SEO you need consistency to see results. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. While it is natural to want to see results to our SEO campaigns in real time sadly this is not possible. This is also the case when it comes to working out or strength training. It takes consistency it is important to embrace the slow grind that comes with SEO. 
Google like many other search engines crawls the web to rebuild its index. Its crawl process is algorithmic. The computer programs determine when to crawl a site and at what frequency a website should be updated in its results. Google’s search results are a snapshot into its massive index of web pages. You can view any cache pages of your website by using a basic search query “”. Among the search results, you can click “view cached results” and see when Google’s crawlers indexed your web pages. If you don’t see results immediately don’t get disheartened SEO does in fact, work it is more of a long-term strategy. You can utilize your blog for quick wins and bake in Social Media to amplify your content too.
It’s important to keep these factors in mind when structuring SEO campaigns. It’s also critical to educate clients that the search results do not update in real time. 
Holistic Approach 
When weightlifting you get the most bang for your buck by approaching lifting in an integrated approach. You might get some results by eating Cheetos, drinking beer and regularly ordering late night pizza while lifting. However, you will get the best results by having a proper diet and maintaining a regular sleep schedule … when possible. 
SEO is very similar. When performed as an integrated digital marketing strategy you can achieve some great results. 
Leverage Social Media 
When developing optimized content and blog posts think about how you can share your work through social channels. Reach out to social influencers and niche bloggers to amplify your content as well. Leveraging tools like Epicbeat and Buzzsumo makes it easier than ever to achieve this. 
Utilize Email Marketing 
Assuming you are currently leveraging email marketing think about creative ways you can integrate SEO. For example, say you publish a new whitepaper or informational blog posts. You can email your subscriber lists and entice them back to your website. Be sure to test various email formats and always remember to track your links with the Google URL builder to see what is working and what isn’t. 
You won’t be able to bench press 250lbs your first day, or your first month. Hell, you probably won’t be able to max out at that weight within your first year. This same principle applies in SEO. There are no magic techniques or shortcuts in SEO anymore. The era of quick tips to get traffic are mostly gone. 
SEO takes patience, search engines do not operate in real time. It is important to be patient and build a strong foundation, to begin with. 
Conduct keyword research and understand the searcher intent behind your target keywords. Build appropriate landing pages with your keywords relevant calls to action. Optimize landing pages around your target keywords and include a call to action on every page to encourage engagement. Don’t let your blog get stale. Build content to target informational types of searches and increase brand awareness. 


Optimize meta descriptions and title tags to drive click through rates. Don’t be too focused on stuffing all your keywords in those fields. Utilize your H1 tags and limit them to “one” per page. 
By having a consistent strategy, approaching SEO holistically and being patient you can have a successful SEO campaign. 

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